Do you need to go out for a few hours or a whole day but don't have anyone to look after your dog?   Leave your pet with us and take comfort they are safe, secure and happy in our care.

Open 9am to 5pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and every other Saturday in White Stubbs Lane.
Open 8.30 to 5pm Wednesday and every other Saturday in Great Munden. Daily Price is  £20.

At the Bayford salon we are lucky to have a large grass paddock just outside the salon so day care clients have plenty of exercise and most go home very tired.  Dogs have the choice of both the paddock and grooming salon and generally let me know when they want to go in and out.  Dogs are always supervised and there are comfy beds for when they are ready for a siesta.

At the Great Munden salon we are based at home and they have use of the garden, house and salon depending on whether I am also grooming that day.  Dogs are allowed free roam wherever I am.

Please call to discuss individual requirements.

Dogs suitable for day care have to be friendly with other dogs and neutered as they are mixed together.  Last minute drop off is fine for known clients.  New clients are asked for a trial session to ensure that my dogs and your dogs all get along.  I have a male standard poodle and a small female romanian rescue and they are great with other dogs.