Cats with long hair and older cats often require a little extra help with grooming.  If your cat allows it, we are able to remove dead coat and matts.  Sometimes it just takes a good comb and sometimes it will require shaving. We are able to offer lion cuts to cats when necessary. 

The cost is £50 per hour. Every cat is different and the the amount of time we have to spend on it depends on the condition of the coat and the patience of the cat.  Due to the nature of cat grooming we are unable to quote an exact price in advance.  We have charged anything from £10 to over a £100 for a severley matted cat which includes danger money!  If there is a limit to your budget then please do let us know.   

Cat nail trimming is £10 and is only recommended for indoor cats to ensure a cat can climb and escape predators when outside.

Cats can be scheduled when there are no dogs in the salon so don't worry if your cat doesn't like dogs as they do not have to be mixed. 

Cats can be washed if they allow it but we do try to avoid it unless necessary.

When you're cat is ready to be collected we will text or call you to let you know.  

We do not have holding facilities with litter trays etc so please collect your pet within 30 minutes or a late fee will apply. Please feel free contact us with any questions you may have.